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Things are not going the way that you envisioned. Maybe your life is spinning out of control because of a mental health disorder. However, The Silver Creek Recovery Center is here to help.

How Mental Health Treatment Programs Intervene

The Silver Creek Recovery Center offers treatment for a broad range of chemical and process addictions. Examples include:

  • Addiction to drugs and alcohol that threatens to derail your life and adversely affects your health
  • Mood disorder care, which assists people in dealing with co-occurring depression or anxiety
  • Eating disorders, which are never about food but always about faulty body image or personal control
  • Process addictions as a way to overcome problems with activities that are legal but wreak havoc in your life
  • Sex addiction that is creating intimacy problems with your spouse or partner

Adding insult to injury, these conditions frequently connect. The common denominator is typically a need for excellent mental health treatment programs. For example, someone who abuses stimulants may suffer from depression. Because they need help just with getting out of bed, they’re using the prescription drugs in an off-label way.

Next, there’s the problem with process addictions. Many people don’t believe that they’re real. However, at The Silver Creek Recovery Center mental health treatment center, we see these conditions more frequently. For a growing number of people, processes lead to dopamine stimulation.

Whether it’s so-called retail therapy, internet use, gaming, gambling, or sex, you might need help.


What Mental Health Treatment Looks Like

Therapists meet you at your point of need. This understanding informs the design of a customized care protocol. We work with you to understand where you’re at. Next, we help you formulate where you want to be.

We work with you on bridging this gap via the use of modalities. Examples include:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy that functions as a tool for ending negative self-talk and focusing on healthy solutions
  • Dialectical behavior treatment, which encourages the development of emotional regulation in all situations
  • Family counseling at the mental health treatment center to allow loved ones a better understanding of your needs
  • Mindfulness training, which helps you relax, ground yourself in the present, and minimize anxiety

Therapists also leverage-positive peer pressure in your care. During process groups, you receive peer counseling, which is an excellent way of learning how to relate to others. It also helps you set boundaries, which is an essential social skill. Besides that, you practice peer accountability.


About the Silver Creek Recovery Center

The Silver Creek Recovery Center is one of the few mental health treatment centers in the area with a primary mental health license. Along with life-changing, evidence-based therapies, clients also have access to a robust adventure therapy program.

Learn more about the mental health treatment that therapists at Silver Creek Recovery Center offer. There’s no shame in seeking help.

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