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When you or a loved one is struggling with mental health disorders, you can sometimes feel lost, isolated and frustrated. Because these conditions can make life feel difficult, it is imperative to reach out for help. Reaching out and talking to a rehab admissions counselor is oftentimes the first step toward recovery.

The Treatment Admissions Process

When you make the choice to find help, mental health treatment centers can guide you through the rehab admissions process. A Treatment admissions counselor can explain your treatment options, which can include:

  • Residential mental health and addiction treatment programs
  • Intensive outpatient programs

You will share your background and medical and mental health history with an admissions counselor in order to best identify what programs are best for your individualized needs. Residential and outpatient care offer two different levels of care, with Residential treatment offering the highest level of care. Residential is, therefore, an excellent option for those who need more structure or have complex issues.

What to Expect During Treatment

The residential and outpatient treatment utilizes various evidence-based and holistic treatments. Evidence-based treatments are therapies that, after extensive studies and research, have proven to be effective in treating past patients with the same or identical issues. Evidence-based treatments can include things such as cognitive and dialectic behavioral therapy, which can help you identify and change negative thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

  • Other evidence-based treatments include:
  • Medication management and therapy
  • Individual counseling
  • Family and marital therapy
  • Group counseling

Holistic therapies specialize in healing your body, mind, and soul. Activities such as nature therapy and ropes courses can provide a fun, safe way to relieve stress and improve your cognition. Many holistic treatments offer healthy coping strategies that can help you control cravings and manage triggers. Art, music, and dance therapy can also be used to improve your communication skills and learn new hobbies.

Sometimes, holistic treatments offer you a different and unique way to express your thoughts and feelings. Other activities, such as Yoga and Pilates can improve your physical well-being and cognitive skills. Holistic treatments are safe to use side-by-side with evidence-based treatments.

Reaching Out for Help

You can learn more about addiction and mental health issues by browsing our blogs, resource center, and quizzes. Review signs and symptoms of various behavioral health issues, and read inspiring articles about treatment and recovery. You can also reach out to us directly at (701) 842-6491 if you want to further explore your treatment options or have any questions about rehab admissions.

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